February 03, 2004


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Andy Bey's new CD, American Song, was playing in one room and the kids were watching Rolie Polie Olie in another. That accounted for a certain kind of din, but there was audio I couldn't place. A woman was singing a slow rendition of Chet Baker's "There's A Lull In My Life." The sound wasn't coming from the CD, Real Audio hadn't popped up in Safari to promotize me and there was no-one singing diegetically on the TV. I couldn't find the music, and it was getting louder. I opened the door to the apartment stairwell and there was a woman, right there, singing as she ascended to the fifth floor. It was Jane, who lives in the back of Pete and Kristi's apartment upstairs. She's not the techno party rat photographer nor is she the shut-in smoking fiend. She is Jane. We chatted--turns out she's a singer/actress. It was nice/great. She can really sing.

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