February 24, 2004



Nick Catchdubs:

Octopus dude's tag is "Aloha." He is the proprietor of an art gallery accross the street from Alife on orchard. I'm no graf insider, but one of my friends works there stretching canvas.


I notice that alife, whatever that is, is selling three different Rikers Correctional Facility t-shirts. You know, when you're kicking it with your homies, studying for the bar, and you want to show everyone what a badass you've become, why not drop $35 on a t-shirt that reifies systematic disenfranchisement and brutal daily humiliation. That's fucking fresh!

There is always the chance that, by winning, hip-hop completely failed.

[I'd rather be having a gimlet and snapping on your piano scarf, but this shit just pops up everywhere I click.]


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