March 24, 2004


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You are right and I am wrong, if those lists over there on the right mean anything. The "Fallen" remix is my number one song, right above "Toxic." I caned it so hard in January and February that I forgot all about it in March. (There is a better word than "forget," one that means "let it escape into the dumbwaiter shaft so it could sleep, marshal its strength and return, fortified, for the long hot summer." That kind of forgetting.)

I am trying to figure out who "Polow da Don" is, aside from being the guy who did this nose-flattening mix. There is a "Polow" in the group Jim Crow and, for the moment, I am guessing these Pola are one and the same. But wait—the "da Don" suffix could have been tacked on precisely to set one Polow apart from another. (Pronunciation: POH-loh or puh-LAOW?) We must know.

Prophylactically, because I think I will soon regret having said anything nice about Jamie Cullum, I will reproduce a note from Justine Wolfenden:

Those ersatz jazz-catz Cullum and Bubulay have generated great rage inside me, the sort of rage that used to make me play the Spiral Scratch EP over and over at full blast in an effort to drown out the sounds of my humdrum existence. Vile, so vile. I've even taken to writing offensive words over the face of Jamie C. whenever I see him in newspapers or magazines, like I used to over losers like Bobby Gillespie (who I saw eating cheap Italian in London a few weeks ago and blaah-blaahing about 'Kate' [clearly La Moss] calling him ALL the time). Anyway, ever since the atrocity that was Jamie and Katie Melua oversyruping the already cloying and sugary (to me, at any rate) "Love Cats" at the Brit. Awards (I saw ony 10 minutes of it and that was the moment I picked to switch on, aah), I have developed some advanced form of aural diabetes and can listen to almost nothing beside Bikini Kill and Minor Threat. Is this a problem?

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