April 03, 2004



I am so tired I can ____ and I could only _____ if I had a _____. Just back from a tornado, spur-of-moment, dubiously motorized trip to see Dylan at the 9:30 Club in DC. Highlights:

• Got lost in DC for an hour. The model for Dave Chappelle's crackhead gave us the only good directions in a batch of three. The cop? Useless.

• Motherfuckers stop serving food in DC at 10 PM. What, do they have to be home in bed by 11 so Tom Ridge can tuck them in?

• We must now discuss the Bubbada Bubbada thing: press rolls on all toms and two-handed blasts on cymbals.

From The Constitution of Popular Music:

ARTICLE 26: Concerning Protocol for The Conclusion of Popular Songs In A Live Venue: Bubbada Bubbada should be done only at the end of the last song of the set, if it is to be done at all. AMENDMENT (1972, rev. 2004): Bubbada Bubbada is prohibited.

• In addition to the long-running beret man drummer who violated the Bubbada amendment at the end of every song, the drummer from Little Feat is also playing drums with Dylan now. They trade off songs. There is no reason given or seen.

• Every now and then a song emerged from the blooz blood, but mostly we did not get a chance to meet Mr. Song.

• Almost every song was presented with the same bang bang bang lack of dynamic shape.

• There were many many many guitar solos and they were mostly all shit hot.

• I was bored to death and enjoying myself at the same time. I did not get a sandwich from the food window, which was the right move.

• I don't think what I saw has anything to do with what I saw when I saw Don't Look Back.

• The waiter at the seafood restaurant (the only place actually serving) used the word "salinity" when describing a Kumimoto oyster. I have to respect that.

• What saved us this morning on the drive back (after only three hours of sleep) was the Country Music Critics Poll 2003 Singles folder, courtesy of Matos. Montgomery Gentry's "Hell Yeah," Terri Clark's "I Just Wanna Be Mad," and Gary Allan's "Songs About Rain." Also, Tricky's Nearly God. Another "before" exhibit (as in "before and after") in the smoking pot debate. You cannot smoke it endlessly if you intend to keep your skills.

• Out with "Slow Burn," an article about Norah Jones, not hashish, and in with "Doom's Day," a piece about endless smokers Madvillain.

• Remember—today is World War I day.

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