October 27, 2004

"BEST OF 2005"


All existing, actual records have been excised. 100% fake now.

1. Mariah Carey “Shocked That You Care” (Sony)
2. Paul Wall “Something Is Wrong My Car And I am The Last Person In The World Who Would Know What It Is” (Narner)
3. Lisa Marie Presley “You Don’t Remember, Either”
4. Chris Martin f/Gwyneth Paltrow “Something Stupid” (Harveytone)
5. 50 Cent “Omnipresence” f/Olivia (G-Unit)
6. Maroon 5 “I Will Bring Your Daughter Home Before 11 PM EST” (J Records)
7. Hoobastank “Another Reason” (J)
8. Fantasia “Believe In People You’ve Never Met (And You Will Feel Better)” (J)
9. Fabolous “Unbothered BY Anything” (Atlantic)
10. Fat Joe “I Owe My Career To Scott Storch” (Atlantic)
11. American Idol Runners-Up “Heal The World With Musical Love During This Holiday Season (For The Sudan and Other African Places)” (Unicorp)
12. Missjones “Racism Is Only Supposed To Be About Black People (That’s What MLK Said)” (Sprint)
13. Ryan Cabrera “Dear Ashlee” (Warner & Warner)
14. Michale Bublé “The Stars In The Chai” (EMI)
15. R. Kelly “I See Guns Everywhere, Jesus” (Faith Burger)
16. Usher & Conor Oberst “Purple States (In My Cup)” (Saddle Creek)
17. Toby Keith “He’s Right (I Don’t Need To Hear What He’s Saying” (Xfredromuck)
18. Brooks & Dunn “I Told You, Dude” (Moderately Daft)
19. J-Kwon “Bananas” (Hot Fudge Sundae remix f/Cassidy, Ludacris, T.I., Bun B., Slim Thug, Pastor Troy, Petey Pablo, Lil Boosie & Freedom Williams) (So So Def)
20. Goonie Goo “Fucking Crunk Hat” (Boozecorp)
21. Janie Jimboree “Twee Finger” (Adcorp)
22. Lil Jon f/The Musician Most Recently Kicked Out Of Guns ‘n’ Roses “November Rain” (TVT)
23. Dem Franchise Boyz “Muu-Muu’s and Woo-Woo’s” (Twingo)
24. Bun B. “I Am Not In Jail” (Jive)
25. Sara McLachlan “Moisture and Good Health” (Arista)
26. John Ashcroft “The Eagle Takes a Powder” (Crimebutt)
27. Wu-Tang Clan “Osirus Risen” (37th Chamber)
28. Horseknuckle “The Futz” (XL)
29. Toby Keith “I Told You, Faggot” f/Nas (Re-mix) (Country Love)
30. The Crosslers “So Cross With You” (Chapped Lips)
31. Jay-Z “Back Like Michael” (Roc-a-Fella/Armadale/3M)
32. Lisa & Dweezil “The Lovin’ Oven’” (Oxygen)
33. Usher “This Is My Fifteenth Single” (Jive)
34. Bossfack “The Humpenstein” (CDR45HG)
35. Razile “Your Love Is Heat” (Sprinkler/EMI)
36. The Libertines “Aw Feck” (Rough Trade)
37. Benbo Lip “Dem Gwan Hock” (Massive B)
38. Natalie Simpson “100% Real” (Universal)
39. Magnetic Fields “I Have Got To Find A Bar With More White People In It, And I Mean Now, Buttercup” (Nonesuch)
40. Gretchen Wilson “You Left Your Rifle Here” (Epic)
41. Pen Rollings “Nazi Homos Fuck Off” (Bear Family)

1. R. Kelly & Jay-Z Let The Healing Begin (Jive)
2. Courtney Love Available For Bar Mitzvahs and Car Shows (DGC)
3. The Kaiser Chiefs Please Consider Us For The Next iPod Ad (Capitool)
4. Beck Nodelay (DGC)
5. Usher Other Stuff I Didn’t Originally Confess To But Which Is Still Pretty Bad (Special Edition holiday 3-CD set) (Jive)

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