January 11, 2005



Monday night, while reading Darcey Steinke's new novel, Milk, I missed the Canal Street stop and rode the Q all the way to Dekalb Avenue. I have not done that in so long that I can't tell you exactly when it was I last did something like that.

In other continuous reading problems, I have no desire to stop, and as a result have not stopped, reading Jeff Chang's monstrous new book. Here is a less empirical and more diagnostic take on the book and its possible effect on the hip-hop library:

The elephant, meaning no harm, enters the playground. The woodchuck is happy to see the elephant. As he is nearsighted, he has never been exactly sure how big the elephant is. He seats himself on one end of a seesaw, and invites the elephant to play with him. The elephant, happy to see the woodchuck, accepts the invitation and sits on the other end of seesaw. This makes the woodchuck—who is surprised—fly through the air and land on a remainders table, where he eventually learns to enjoy the quiet life. The elephant, surprised and a little sad, waits for someone else to come and play with him.

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