April 07, 2005



1. Five tracks into a charity album that is nothing but covers of Bjork's "Army Of Me" and I am not bored.

2. The re-debut comeback Backstreet Boys single, "Incomplete," is a ballad. Have they ceded R&B entirely to Timberlake? R&B and pop? Are they going full-on AC to pre-adjust their demographic and end up closer to Elton, and further away from Mario, who they cannot defeat? Or are they saving a Rich Harrison track for pole position? How many were on Broadway? Did one of them kill somebody?

3. This new Benjamin Diamond album is good. Or, it's one of those albums that gets enough right it will take me a long time to realize I don't actually like it. Either way, taking the slow bits of Pink Floyd and the slow bits of England Dan & John Ford Coley (ed: Did either have any fast bits?) and then getting all exclusive bougie disco about it seems to work. That doesn't sound very appealing, does it?

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