April 20, 2005



A man named Ben Fasman emailed me last week and said he'd played this Uilab remix at a party and it had gone over big. That felt extra good. I worked super hard on that track and thought, at the time, "Wow, this will be THEE BURNER FOR 1997," mostly because I am not very realistic. It did not become THEE BURNER, and one of many reasons is that it should have been mastered about twelve times louder. It isn't Mingus—squash that shit, Mr. Engineer!

I just sold all the gear I used to make this remix, so it feels approrpriate to be hearing—or hearing about—the song coming around the mountain again. Maybe it can become a gay crunk anthem, or rate a mention in an academic paper about "Failed Comic Routines Using Timestretching." (Homes, there was a paper on poop in Cobain songs, so don't giggle.) It needs to be played extra loud to really work. I am at your mercy, MP3DJs.

If you are ready to roam this town and get away from the screen, go see our friend McArthur Binion's work and get ready for the Situationist Film Weekend, April 28 to May 1 at Anthology Film Archives.

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