May 25, 2005



My plenary comments from EMP 2005 are up. (I did not deliver them. Alaska Airways is the worst airline ever, and my plane from San Diego to Seattle left three hours late. I made it to Seattle about ten minutes after the opening plenary ended; Eric Weisbard kindly delivered an earlier, shorter draft of these comments in my stead.)

PS: Let me be clear—if this piece feels like some kind of "calling people out" routine, you've got the wrong end of the stick. I would gladly include myself or Ui in the representative sample I am using Shadow and Diplo to outline, except for two things: 1) I've DJ'd less than ten times in my life; and 2) not very many people bought Ui records. We weren't part of the popular conversation, so it would be silly to insert me or Ui just to sound "honest." But if you insist on reading guilt into this formulation (which is not its intent in any way, shape or form—pop isn't like that), then please make me more guilty than anyone.

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