December 16, 2005



Wes: ["Erotic City," "Nasty Girl," "When I Hear Music."]

Jordan: What is the gender ratio?

SFJ: 4-to-1.

Jordan: 5-to-1.

SFJ: Same as Neil Diamond, but a third the age.

Gwen Fauxtani: Hello.

Gwen Stefani: Hello.

Meghan: Those shoes are fucking serious. Look—she is jumping in those heels.

Gwen: You know why I’m here—where are my New York girls at?

Meghan: You know why I’m here—play "Hollaback Girl."

Harajuku Girls, conveniently named Love, Angel, Music, and Baby: ….

Gwen: This album is a collision of cultures, like New York.

SFJ: I will buy your champagne for 7.50 because I am stupid.

Woman from Teen People: My battery died, can you email me your photos?

Meghan: Play "Hollaback Girl."

The Clipse: …

Meghan: That outfit is sick.

The couple in front of me: [leaving, insanely, before "Hollaback Girl."]

Gail Ann Dorsey: [I am the total fucking genius singer and bass player who usually sings better than the person I am backing up.]

Guitar player: [Playing a solo, totally not part of the deal.]

Meghan: Play "Hollaback Girl."

Wes: She has some good new songs right?

Gwen: "Hollaback Girl."

Meghan: Thank you.

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