November 06, 2003



Believe me: You have no problems. Unless you come before the grand jury for some reason, you're doing fine. Stop whining. Go for a run. Download some naked gazelles.

Didn't make it in time to add this to today's piece on The Strokes.

Roman Coppola’s video for “12:51” captures the Strokes’ uptight gestalt. Using effects from the 80s sci-fi movie Tron, Coppola presents the band performing in a state of high boredom. Casablancas looks like the Valium is kicking in--only guitarist Albert Hammond seems to know the camera's on. Bits of the space age set glow, as do the microphone and various instruments. As the song sinks in, you want more little flashes of light. When Casablancas, still phoning it from Ennuihawken, windmills his microphone and leaves a thick trail of light, it’s kinda thrilling. The restraint has become sexy, and the whole gameplan makes sense.

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