November 26, 2003



We (and I do mean we) are staying at our friends' house in the South End of Boston. Someone is supposed to be making parsnips tomorrow. That's a surprise to everyone but me.

About last night:

Shout out to that freezing trend palace on Avenue C for the lousy Japanese food! You were friendly, though. Big wobbly holler to Lava Gina for the terrible pun that we were too slow to get. Qualified respect to the editorial staff of Linux Boondoggle and The Crafty E-Crafts journal--you cats and kittens can dance! Halting apologies to the staff of The Rusty Scupper for the whole fishtank thing. What can we say? Shit is mad real in the 03! And true, deep thanks to the P.O.s from the 1 2 holding it down at the Mollycoddler and Ice-Melter for Daddy Law. We really weren't sleeping! We have a tingly back condition and that bench by the car wash really does the trick. (Thank you for using the soft and sensuous cuffs, though.) Till next time.

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