December 09, 2003



This will surprise some of you, especially the cockhammers who KEEP EMAILING ME about OutKast, but I had a brainwave scan today and I am completely normal. Bad part: The process required attaching 20 electrodes to my scalp, each of which needed to be scratched into my skin to create a firm contact. Put a cat in your head and ask him to slowly fuck your head up. It was like that.

Technician's best line: "It really isn't that bad."

On the way home, I saw a Con Ed employee walking uptown while talking on cell-style walkie-talkie: "OK, I am walking downtown right now." Then, three blocks later, I saw a bald guy eating nuts in a very hostile way on Irving Place. He was asking a woman "Where are the main streets? Like, the main avenues?" But she couldn't answer because he kept asking the question. Total front page serial killer. Very clean and put-together, which made him scarier. No coat.

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