December 08, 2003



A sense of obligation seems misplaced here. Web dis-tracktion: You could be in jail and I could be sipping a milkshake. You didn't ask, but you clicked. What is our legal status? Consensus impossible, intention feh, modes of address infinite. So it is mostly to prod myself that I say this is coming up:

Why I hate the "Indian Flute" video (obvious, duh).

My Architect

Arte Povera.

Hari Kunzru.

The backlog rape kit project.

Fellini and how I still don't get it. (Evidence: I Vitelloni.) Still seems like a misogynist creep who liked overacting.

Giovanni Ribisi in Friends, melting not melting stuff.

The Deftones' stage setup.

My daft attempt to buy Nino Rota at a record store.

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