December 19, 2003



This track is from the 1998 album Techno Animal Versus Reality. If I recall correctly, and I might not, Justin Broadrick and Kevin Martin sent us an ADAT of their stuff and we sent them the raw tracks from “Blood In The Air,” off of Lifelike. TA combined the material and made “Deceleration,” and the track I sent is "Version". I used stuff from those two sources, plus bits from the sessions for the Microstoria remix 12” (which we did all live) and a bit of the Biz. I love Wilbo’s upright work—it was a whole pass we never used. Kevin Martin of Techno Animal is still tearing it up as The Bug, and his album on Tigerbeat6, Pressure, features one of the best fucked-up dancehall songs ever, “Run The Place Red.”

This is called "Steep,” and it’s from an album called Standing Upright On A Curve. I recorded it at home in 1997, right around the death of my father and the birth of our first child.

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