January 14, 2004



Rusty Shackleford answers: "Since you ask, [the movie with robot Yul] was Westworld, and an incredible disappointment after all the hype I'd heard prior to seeing it. A fairly hackish future pleasuredome and then 30 minutes of a limping, unfrightening Yul Brynner "chasing" the moustachioed dude, slowly, all around the outdoors of the future. Somebody shoot SOMEBODY. Dude, you can have my copy."

Hey--does anyone have the DJ Zinc or Freq Nasty mixes of "Milkshake" on MP3? The sample at Juno is driving me bats.

Listening to grime for two weeks solid has done my head in completely. I am very happy on my ice floe, but I don't recommend the faint of heart climbing the Sidewinder 8 CD packs without a guide. And the Dizzee album is still the best single piece of work, though I could see Kano giving him a run.

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