January 14, 2004



Regular readers will remember that, idiomatically but respectfully, we recently put Christ on a plastic dolphin as an expression of surprise. Today, we are putting Christ on a woolly bison with little mittens and a bright orange hat so that his Father, GOD, will maybe see him and remember that he put the thermostat down WAY TOO FAR last night. We humans will become ice and then break into a billion pieces, dispersing across New York like fine red dust, and then Yul Brynner will have to come back from the dead to be the mayor of abandoned and empty New York because it will be like Omega Man or, no, that was Charles Bronson. What's the movie where Yul has a detachable robot face? And it's a Western? So it's not in New York?

It is so fucking cold.

Did I ever tell you the story about how Ui got money from Grand Royal in '96 or '97 to record some songs? And we recorded three songs and then gave the money back? (The songs ended up on Lifelike.) It wasn't because we knew they were going to sign Ben "England Dan" Lee, go out of business and end up on the auction block. It was because we were insane. I don't actually remember why we did it. I still feel funny. It was rude and weird of us, but we dodged a bullet, innit?

I just wanted to end a paragraph with innit.

Go to GHP now and download the new shits.

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