January 09, 2004



Pig G-Latin really doesn't improve that phrase. (Leaving the mistakes in--this is essential. We can't fool you.)

Andrew aka xdonricklesx aka Rusty Shackleford has given us the gift of a new band to love. Against Me! are described by some as "mysterious Florida anarcho-punks." Their 2001 EP, Crime As Forgiven By is all I have, and right now it's all I need. If I describe what it sounds like, you will not trust me. It sounds a bit like Bright Eyes covering the Violent Femmes. In my house, that gets you a pat on the head and a MetroCard. But life is odd for days and Against Me! are ridiculously good.

Tom Gabel is the nucleus dude and he likes to sing his brain out through his nose. He has the heebies, I mean the jeebies, and he cannot and will not stop. On the sleeve notes for the EP, he says Against Me! "make music because we're the best of friends, because we have something to say, and it helps to keep from drowning in dirty, dirty cesspools of capitalism." This EP is available from Plan-It-X Records, but the band is now on Fat Wreck Chords. They have a new album called The Eternal Cowboy, which I don't have. Two guys made the EP but now there are four guys total. I get the feeling Tom is still the don dada of this collective. (Right, no leaders. OK, the...biggest branch of the tree. The...liver of the beast.)

In a similar vein, Jessica Hopper recommended Smart Went Crazy's Con Art, which we now love entirely. I don't subscribe to the Fugazi-is-the-best-template-for-rock party line [[redundant phrase, you used this yesterday--Ed.]] but it did give us SWC and Pretty Girls Make Graves [[please stop using x but y construction--Ed.]].

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