February 20, 2004



Need a quick protein fix? Then check ninja Keith Harris on Norah, and black belt Ben Ratliff on the exact same person. I am now going to lose my entire "readership" (please, no checks, only money orders) and admit that I like "Those Sweet Words." (Any song that asks me if I "had a hard time sleeping" goes directly into my Top 10.) It bears mentioning, in all the appropriate discussion of her boretronix and Teflon aesthetix, that girlfriend is fine like old Beaujolais wine. Sorry. I'm just saying. And I have seen, with my tired eyes, a subthread emerge: men of a certain age and/or disposition feel OK about crushing on Norahlee because she isn't as Titanically bootylicious as the Lucy Lius and Beyoncés. 8 or 18 million sold means two groups came to the register: women and older buyers. That doesn't mean sex is off the table.

To further fuck you up, I am going to crate dig a Norah track. (Sitemeter reports for Friday, February 20: 12 page views.) Soulseek or Kazaate or Aquire the other version of "Those Sweet Words." I don't know where it's from but it's bassier and sweeter.

If anyone finds my mind, wrap it in ice and send it back to me. Media mail is fine--no rush.

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