February 27, 2004


(Illustration: Liz Lee)

The faithful will recognize Jordin Isip from several Ui album covers. Ui album covers do not pay the bills. They don't even pay as much as Mother Jones. (They wouldn't even pay for a copy of Mother Jones.) So Jordin, who should have gotten the gig to design that watercolor play money, teaches an illustration class at Parsons. (You remember how the inner sleeve of In Through The Out Door would turn colors when the paper was moistened? For this reason, I often want to spit on my funny money. ) You should be so lucky, to have Jordin teach you. Agh. If his students are half as good as Liz Lee (see above), the show will be worth a MetroCard and then some.

Parsons Illustration Senior Thesis Exhibition
Opening: Wednesday, Feb. 25, 6 - 8pm

February 25 - March 5, 2004
Aronson Galleries, 66 Fifth Avenue
and Gallery at 2 West 13th Street
Mon-Fri 9 - 9, Sat-Sun 9 - 6
Exhibition closes at noon on final day.

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