February 23, 2004


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Dickhead Rhyme of the Day:

Red Café f/Le Midget Macher, “Fly As She Wanna Be: “My bitch dress like a waitress to serve me, nigga/Listen player, I ain’t paying a dime/The only thing I pay a pretty young thing is no mind/No lie, I’m the type of guy that’ll stick my knife in her American pie.”

J/CD sent me this lovely journal entry a few years ago. Now that it has pictures, it has pictures.

The shareef and I also recommend this book. When I first read Keywords in the late 1920s, it was a flashlight in the velvety dark. I wasn't sure if it was a skeleton key or a prize I had stolen. Two summers ago, the book was my nurse. When negotiations between my brain and my insomnia broke down, I would haul Williams into the bathroom with me. I never got back to sleep but the hours between 3 AM and 6 AM at least felt productive. If you slow down the frames and go one by one, you can see things.

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