May 06, 2004



I was glad to see Hayder Sabbar Abd on the front page of the Times yesterday. His story frames the snuff films and General Karpinski's comments. As Abu Ghraib is the hook of the millisecond, it's not exactly an act of journalistic chutzpah to lead with a torture victim, but it's the right story of the story.

Today, the Times ran a story by James Dao and Paul von Zielbauer on Cumberland, Maryland, home to several soldiers from the 372nd reserve unit. Apparently, "nowhere has the soul searching been more anguished than in this slice of Appalachia." This will be news to slices of Iraq or any other countries where people are regularly tortured on the government's dime. With tears on her cheeks, child-bearing soldier Kerry Shoemaker-Davis brings the fire and brimstone (minus the fire and brimstone) to her neighbors: "I was angry at the soldiers. And actually embarrassed for these prisoners."

When she's recovered from her acute case of embarrassment, I think she should bring Charles Graner and Lynndie England down to Atlantic Avenue for a visit. Stop on any street corner and ask which way Mecca is. Then call a fucking ambulance.

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