May 13, 2004



That picture down there of Prince's eyeball is not a representation of the new Prince CD but rather a picture of an ad in a Paris metro stop. (It is, to date, the largest picture of Prince I've seen.) We already know that, by reclaiming his name and rejoining the major label promo stream, Prince landed his first Top 10 Billboard debut in years. The album didn't do quite as well on the French charts, but people I talked to before the release date were unanimously stoked about Musicology. Aside from hating Bush, it was the one real consensus I encountered. (How long nostalgia will keep dude on any charts has yet to be seeon.)

I sorta like "Dear Mr. Man," from Musicology, though I can't help wishing Prince, The New Donny Hathaway, would make way for, say, Prince, The New Lightnin' Rod, the kind of guy who named names and not just those of basketball teams* and Bible passages. (I was also a little surprised to hear that Prince, The New D'Angelo, had taken over from Prince, The Old Prince, but not a lot surprised.)

I was hoping he might come with something like "Cockhead International," and it might go like this: "Follow the money (eeeeh)/and you'll find the friends./Follow the blood/and you'll find the ends./Don't want your training/don't want your tips./Mothersuckers need to stay home and stop making so many trips./Why don't you come to anybody's funeral, Mr. London?"

*Big props to our friend Chris Ryan, whose basketball blog, Chauncey Billups, is moving on up to the east side. Righteous.

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