July 29, 2004



It was a lot harder to find a tape deck than I thought it would be. I mean, I'm not going to sit in my car all night, even for Dizzee.


9) "Get By": OK. This girl can't sing. You can sing better than she can. I love Dizzee's voice so much I can't even tell what he's saying. Oh. It was hard coming up in East. OK. I believe you.

10) "Knock, Knock": Yes, corkscrew Archimedes Wheel gurgle bump. Good conceit. Childhood routine becomes braggadocious bumplate.

11) "Dream": This album is growing on me, madly. This is the one that twerks Captain Sensible's "Happy Talk." "Tell me you don't love that." I do. I do.

12) "Girls": There's that Captain Morgan's Rum pegleg limp. "Make way!" Keyboards are the most democratic shit since ever. Ooh, here goes the detourned garage bounce. "Thank god tonight it's a different affair." The voice is so fucking musical that it is so musical. The words take off and scatter like confetti in the back alley backdraft of a restaurant with three deep fryers. Who's this guy? Megaman? Ooh, grime is the best thing ever! It's not even that good and it's so good. "You're here, but your bum's still in the queue."

13) "Imagine": Thoughtful Dizzee. Not thoughtful beat. Synth like gentle fingers touching the package on a new pack of Rizlas. Gentle. Thomas Dolby retrofitted as detention supervisor. "Retrospective of your profile and your honor/do you wanna hang about or are you a goner?" The fine line between Nas and Tupac. "A couple square meters of pavement in the end/what will be achieved, my friend?" I do not know, McBrah. What was it made the first album so thorough? Nick Detnon? Wiley? Come on, Diz, bump! Bump! You're the greatest rapper alive, Jada and Ghost aside. Burn, burn like a plastic carry bag stuck in a splint of fat wood! Make the sky your spittoon!

14) "Flyin'": "I'm just being me." Me, too, Diz. "You can say I think I'm all that/I've heard it all already...Say what you want but say it quick."

15) "Fickle": Kinda hot!

DICK CLARK ALGORITHMIC VERDICT: This is album is smoking like Tareyton!

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