July 16, 2004



Julianne Shepherd, who was recently traded from Portland to New York for an undisclosed amount of cash and several minor leage double dutchesses:

"Dude, my personal pre-blog heroes are/were fanzine creators: Rollerderby/Lisa Carver, Mimi Nguyen, Darby from Ben is Dead, Pagan Kennedy, Tobi Vail/Kathleen Hanna, Christina Kelly in SASSY magazine, and J. Hova—basically the stone agers of the '90s fanzine brushfire (that might just be my age showing here) who inspired at least one generation of personal/political/critical writers, and made it OK to write outside trad journalistic precepts. (They're kind of the Gloria Steinems of my formative years; they gave me a voice and showed me my opinions were valid and relatable. And so it worries me when there are only, like, five women with music-y blogs in the entire country; it's also somewhat isolating.)

Um, also—rap music?! An art form combining personal narrative with social perspective, whose rise ran parallel to the fast-tracking of pop culture in America? You could look at pop-culture references in rap as coming from the "links" fam, except you get to fill in your own blank. Wouldn't you just fall over with happiness if Jadakiss had a blog?

And Cindy Sherman. You know half these people are making shit up, anyway."

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