July 27, 2004



1) "Showtime": Six years ago, Dizzee bought crap turntables, but "it was a bargain and it was a good un!" Rhyme skills going beyond the measurable. Beat skills entirely measureable.

2) "Stand Up Tall": Now we know what would have happened if Yellowman had joined Depeche Mode after Speak and Spell. Hot. The ProTools tutorial has been mastered. (I don't like Chinese food, either.)

3) "Everywhere": Ah, there's that weird shit. "Evidently far from gently eating up the road." Could probably rhyme over Joe Lieberman's haircut and wreck shit. Beat: Probably made in Reason while laminating old Ministry of Sound flyers.

4) "Graftin'": Mugwump limp. Yet more of the Snoop-derived meme: "In the LDN." Hey, someone found the Pitch Bend function. Again. Not the RZA. Not even the platinum dragonist lyricist can save a half-assed beat. Billy Squier is on line 2.

5) "Learn": Dip it medium. Schoolly D-ish cymbals. "Trying to avoid the sergeant, PC and the constable...I'm dirty and I'm stank but ain't nobody fresher."

6) "Hype Talk": Liquid paintball skank. Triplet feel in the rat-a-tat rimes. "Is he living out his dreams? Is he balling? Be truthful." Still a general lack of bottom. The spaceship has yet to shake. Considering how well he's rhyming, this must be diagnosed as the Paisley Park Syndrome: Genius will not accept some beat help. This is said, because we all need help. Accepting help will not diminish your manly genius.

7) "Face": What if I slow everything down? What is this button, the one that says "quacky"? Could be about the stabbing. Might be more general. "Please don't congregate all around me." Female MC. Hey, bring her back.

8) "Respect Me": " You people are going to respect me if it kills you." I can't work up any enthusiasm for the popular phony eggroll synth patches. Ooh, but the bassline finally came back. Tearing, except everything is too slow. Sorta Apocalypse Now. "Your opinion don't interest me. You don't like me, that's fine with me." Ooh, here's a mention of the stabbing. Eh. "So many claims and no evidence."

Tomorrow, side B.

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