August 25, 2004



“Is today Crazy Hair today?”

“Yes. You read that thing yesterday.”

“Right. Well, your hair looks kind of crazy right now.”

“No, Dad. Not bedhead or born hair. It needs to be gel or something.”

“Wait, let’s try something. Come here.”

[Soap and water mixture, hands, patient child.]

“Is it going to stick up?”

“Well, your hair is curly and doesn’t want to stick up. Let’s just put some more on.”

“Can I just dry it off? It’s not working.”

“Yeah. We’ll get you some gel at CVS. You’ll just be a little late.”

[In the car, “The Dark of the Matinee” comes on. I switch it, but there is protest.]

“No, leave it. I like that music. What is it called?”

“‘The Dark of the Mat-i-nay.’“

“‘Dark of the Matay’?”

“‘Mat-i-nay—it’s when you see a movie in the middle of the day.”

“I like it. It sounds like the Beatles.”


“Right here. This is the chorus. It gets louder and they say the real name of the song. I wanna hear it again.”

[Long-suffering brother removes thumb from mouth.]

“No, ‘Whip It’!”

“After we drop him, we’ll switch to Devo.”

[Nods, replaces thumb.]

“OK. Stay in the car, I’ll be right back.”

[Grabs tube that says “spiky.”]

“OK. Let’s try this.”

“Can you make it a mountain like Tristan in Yu-Gi-Oh? His hair was born like that.”

“Wow. Your hair is really really curly.”

“Will it stick up?”

“Maybe after it’s been in the sun.”



“Can we just put colors in my hair next time?”


“Play ‘Girl U Want.’“

[Long-suffering brother takes thumb out of mouth.]

“No! ‘WHIP IT’!”

“OK, Dad, but then play ‘Girl U Want,’ please.”

[Nods, replaces thumb.]

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