August 27, 2004



Jessica Hopper with a little art update:

"Lee Bontecou is a lady sculptor, a contemporary of all the drunken New York men whose names we know, the one ones who've already had movies and documentaries about their art. She thought it was all retarded (again with that word!) and sometime shortly after Vietnam, she was like "f this" and reclusiated. (Made that one up.) She just had her first retrospective in, like, 30 years here in Chicago at the MCA. She did these canvas/steel constructions, big squares that looked like a war/womb/topographic relief map made of things you would find in a DMZ: heavy brown and army green canvases and huge industrial zippers buckling and contouring. They're the only sculptures I have ever seen that truly evoke sadness and anger over war. Scroll down and there is a longer bio and a picture of the stuff I am talking about here.

This is prolly her most famous piece. It's hugeómaybe 15 feet by 5 feet. It's a relief, lit from within, and it looks like a seashell made from paper."

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