September 07, 2004



[Long drive to wrong place. Rueful monologue about MapQuest. Tears. Discussion. Placation. Eating.]

“What if you drank Coke every day?”

“You’d get fat.”

“Will I get fat?”

“You almost never drink Coke. And you’re active.”

“I'm very active. I play baseball. What do you do?”

“You know. I work out on that weird mat. I swim.”

“Mostly you’re at your computer.”

“Well, I’m working.”

"No, you’re not. You’re Googling on your iPod.”

“What does that mean?”

“You’re fudging with your iPod.”

[More driving. Many auditions of “Here For The Party.”]

“She’s a teen?”

“She’s a ten.”

“What does that mean?”

“A ten is someone who is good-looking.”

“What does that have to do with cleaning up? That makes NO sense.”

[More driving. Unexpected espying of the DIA Beacon turnoff sign. Promises. Parameters. Eating. Richard Serra’s “Consequence.”]

“Is this art?”


“Is the white part art, also?”

“I’m not entirely sure.”

“Is modern art hard?”

“I think some of it is.”

“Is this string art?”


“OK. It is black. But the white string just looks like string. Is it harder to do regular art?”

“Regular art is when you do something somebody else has already done, but you have to do it really well. Modern art is when you do something nobody else has done but it doesn’t matter how well you do it.”

[Take elevator. Enjoy Bruce Naumann's video cameras, because they show us us.]

"Is that a spider?"


"What is it made of?"


"Is it scary?"

"I think it is. Do you?"


[Back into elevator.]

"Hey, these are cool. You can go inside and there is another circle. It’s like a maze.”

[Leaving, remarkably, without buying or eating anything.]

“Is it hot ever. Is it ever hot. It is so hot I have to change my language!”

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