October 05, 2004




"don zimmer? ancient history. so ancient he is probably still sitting in the dugout at tropicana field, wondering when game #163 starts.

seriously though, the yankees this year are an odd bunch. there are the guys I despise but respect (george posada, jeter, rivera), the thin man (giambi—don't do drugs, kids), the man with one hand (kevin brown—seriously kids, don't do drugs), the one in the very charming, very flattering pants (sheffield) and the one player in all pro sports for whom I wish nothing but bad luck (alex rodriguez). I mean torre is granite so I have no reason to believe they won't win, but if it comes down to yankees-dodgers, I'm putting the McCarver pen back through the eye."

Joe Gross:

"Up until only a year or so before his death, my maternal grandfather and grandmother were serious, club-going, stay-out-til-4-AM-in-Miami-and-sometimes-Manhattan jazz fans (my grandmother once described a Sun Ra they saw on Long Island as “the music was as wonderful as the hats,” which is still one of my favorite pieces of music criticism).

Anyway, one of my fondest memories of Xmas ’90 (Xmas ’89?) was bringing home a copy of “Groove is in the Heart.” I put it on the stereo, and my late grandfather (b. 1917) looked up from his paper, which he did so with reluctance at the time, stood up, walked into the back room of my folks' house, and quietly stood in the doorway until the song was finished.

Thick Bahstan accent: “That was a terrific song, Joe. What was the name of the group?”

“Deee-lite, Pop-Pop.”

Returns to chair: “Great, great song.”

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