October 04, 2004

PSA 2.0


People ask me, they ask me, they email me and they say:

"How can I be down?"

These are the emails I do not answer. But others email me and they ask:

"Where can I drink vodka and how can I have fresh breath?"

To these people, I say (in my head where they cannot hear me), I say:

"Thank you for asking me a question I can answer."

For drinking, I fucks with Grace on Franklin Street and The Mermaid Inn on Second Avenue. And for fresh breath, nothing tops Eco-Dent's Daily Rinse. That shit will have you believing in yahweh and playing questionable Brazilian records quickfast, that's how hale and frisky your mouth will feel. And when all else fails, buy Deeeeeeeee-lite's World Clique and watch how fast you ask yourself:

"Mashups? What? What was that? I am unable to hear you."

I am here to help and to do no harm. This is my oath. Over here.

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