October 01, 2004



Why didn't I have a brief relationship with Cheyne Coates in the late '80s that I might now fondly recall as autumn brings back memories of impulsive gift-giving and long, languorous brunches in the crisp fall air? With Cheyne Coates? Who I've never even met?

Why do I have a thing for the lead singers of bands who inevitably end up in the dollar bin?

Why wasn't Brassy huge?

Why is the guy who programs the videos at the New York Sports Club such a genius?

Why is Ellen Degenres interviewing LL Cool J so adorable?

Does lighting yourself on fire usually work?

Why doesn't everyone simply acknowledge Elizabeth Marvel as the best Stapler To The Wall of Cut Flowers in New York and be done with it?

Why do people apologize for the homophobic clowns in dancehall? How do you put together a case that there is some legitimate need for this "burn chi-chi mon" bullshit?

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