January 12, 2005



If early '05 R&B is any indication, we'll need to squeeze another year out of that Ciara record: Omarion is just another way to spell "No, Mario"; and Brooke Valentine should be checking out Hollywood Squares quick fast, BloodShy or no BloodShy.

The name of this blog made me really happy for about twenty minutes. (Haven't read the site.)

I am pretty happy with how my slice of this came out, but I must point out one (only one?) massive error. The sentence that begins "Most of the important figures in pop criticism.." should read "Some of the most important figures in pop criticism..." Read as published, the implication is that there is a total of five pop critics. That is not the case, nor are the writers listed thee most important critics in the existing field, swell as they are. Further complicating a pretty lousy sentence, there are lots of good critics who wouldn't fit in that list only because they are secretly musicians. This is an unfair and useless distinction, as the reader doesn't learn what the writer, guarding "the truth," is taking into account but not revealing. The editor, Daniel Levy, was thorough and patient with my 11th-hour ass: This mistake is all mine. Driving for the basket, many are fouled.

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