January 26, 2005




"Yes, Wall?"

"We are totally going to crush Dance Dance Revolution. Emo Tap rules, OK!"

"I love your yellow tights."

"I love your top."

"Are there any boys in our band?"

"Yes, two—look."


"One ringy dingy. Two ringy dingy. Coco Puffs?"

"Yes, Rosie Nose."

"Are we edgy enough?"

"You don’t like my slides of buttfucking unicorns and cocksucking sailors?"

"Eh, it's so Todd Haynes. Let's get a French rapper to wear an Indian headdress and do human-beatbox-imaginary-tap-dancing."

"Yeah, and then he could do actual rapping in French."



(Why are all the guys saying "I love you" tonight? Oh, there goes a girl. "Rock out with your cock out?" "Just show us your balls?")

“You’re gonna have to come to my hotel room for that.”

(Why did I say that? That is not my program.)

“Boo, boo.”

(Where’s my screwdriver? Ah, here. We’re kinda killing it. OK, dude, you know the B-sides. I get it. I am sure you’re bumming out your date with the heckling. Oh, you’re on a bro date. Now I super get it. This is how bros love bros—teasing.)

“This next jump-off is called…"

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