February 17, 2005



Diplo writes:

ďHey, Sasha. Yeah, we definitely patterned ďBucky Done GunĒ after the Deise Tigrona track, and cleared it down in Rio directly (or XL did something with itónot sure on the specifics). But we replayed the horns I chopped so as not to give all the publishing to the man who made the Rocky theme song (Bill Conti, ďGonna Fly NowĒ). Itís more of an homage to the original version, and the drums are from this Miami bass record thatís the basis for about 85 percent of carioca funk tracks.

But Iím a litte sad you linked to the Mr. Bongo comp. That dude is an asshole, 100 percent.

I understand that people have issues with me representing funk music, something I wasnít looking to do and something Iím not really capable of. It ainít like Iím capitalizing on anything besides a lack of DJs these days trying to play something new and danceable. Iím just lucky that I get to play this stuff for a large, perceptive crowd that few people besides the cats in Rio get to (even though its always at the end of the night). But I do it cause I love it, not because its cool or making me rich. Remember: I bought a ticket to Rio just to buy mix CDs over a year ago because I didnít know how else to get them.Ē

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