February 11, 2005



Two songs into the Grammys™, and I am entertained. Queen Latifah being all bountiful and singing the actual word "gay" in an actual song! Green Day doing their bit to knock the redneck agenda with a song I have found no reason not to like. I think the whole real time approach is to get all snark on that ass, but only someone very young or very unrealistic would call this a bad time.

Ooh, Anthony Hamilton. What a fucking voice. Is that Mario? He's too tall. Alicia Keys may sound like the girl at Subway singing along to the radio (though not as good), but she is real purty.

[Apropos of nothing (I am stone sober and in my stocking-feet): God bless Dominic and John with fresh lime juice.]

Eew! Freaky green clay people being pressed into service for Mastercard! No wonder people get all crabby about TV. Oh, but monkeys are always funny. And look—Cedric the Entertainer accidentally made up a new dance. This is good. Latifah just said "chyurch." Now Bush can watch!

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