February 11, 2005



Have The Soundtrack of Our Lives always been Oasis? Or is that new? I usually think I like TSOOL, possibly because of dude's righteous muu-muu faith, and then all of a sudden I'm wondering if I need more staples and how far it is to Banda Aceh. After watching the sprankling Definitely Maybe DVD, I have concluded that the wee and energetic Alan McGee was right—though not about House of Love—and Oasis are THEE SHIT, if only because THEY ARE THE AUDIENCE, like A. Partridge, and launched the first plat-a-bunch-of-times karaoke band to prove it. Plasticene! Coca Cola commercials! Vague, deracinated, immanent Lennonism! Blanket Blairnik boosterism!

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