March 23, 2005



Hua Hsu:

“Barry just does not inspire any confidence. I have made it a habit to avert my eyes when he speaks. It’s like, yes there is a race/empathy card to be played, but you’re playing it the wrong way! It would have been far better if he had allowed the media/fans to see his vulnerability after his father passed, etc., but he maintains this self-righteous, indignant and hyper-surly pose that evokes suspicion rather than admiration. The latest: yesterday, with his oldest son next to him (and, reports Jazzbo, strategically placed in front of the camera eye) he spoke of the pain the steroid issue has caused him and his family (cue son) and how people have been ignoring the severity of his bum knee. As it stands, he claims, he will be out at least 80-ish games, possibly more, possibly forever. Which, if you think about it, is just crazy. Knee injuries of that type don’t usually take that long to heal; they rarely result in retirement; and, in light of last October’s bloody sock spectacle, it’s even harder to believe that this isn’t just a sly way to evade the steroid issue, beg out of the Babe/Aaron homer watch and pass gently into the night.”

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