March 01, 2005



Sometimes my people in England are too mellow. Here is an example of that too much too mellowness. This compilation is called The Trip, created by Snow Patrol. It is part of a series of The Trip compilations, which I know nothing about beyond this one. And insofar as singer and guitarist Gary Lightbody (a.k.a. Pete Townsend) selected the tracks here, Snow Patrol deserve nominal credit. But it is the mighty Roy Kerr, The Freelance Hellraiser, who mixed and sequenced the whole thing. And because he has binoculars strapped to his bananas, this 2 CD mix ("Bert" and "Ernie") can fuck successfully with rare groove, Rilo Kiley and Deerhoof. That's the type of tai chi Roy knows. But somebody at Family (Universal?) didn't want to put a big FREELANCE HELLRAISER MIX sticker on it, so this is sitting on a shelf in Leicester Square behind the Keane vs. Jamie Oliver DVDs. Give it some love.

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