March 18, 2005



"It looks good, man. Is it big enough?"

"I'm not sure. I wear it a little back."

"You making the move?"

"Trying. I got a suit online, but it didn't fit."

"No, you gotta get that shit made. I found a guy. $40 a shirt."


"Man, I'm staying dry. You know what Lincoln said. 'I like it too much.'"

"It's too predictable. It's always the same woozy, and then the next day, the same inabilities. And you talk too much and you're never that funny. Or I'm not."

"Yeah, I don't know why my wife doesn't mind."


"What is it, jazz day? You're Dizzy Gillespie now?"

"It's just a first step."

"You're making the move? Suits? Bolo ties?"

"No bolo."

[More walking.]

"Woah, nice. Are you gonna wear it indoors?"

"I don't think you can really do that."

"Sure you can."

"I'm not there yet."


"Are you making the move?"

"Might. Just found a tailor today."

"Steve is making the move."

"He is? I thought that was just for the funeral."

"No, it's like three out of five days now."

"Man, I need to talk to him."


"What's with your too-small hat?"

"I didn't want you to say that first. Say something else first and then say that."

"I like it. It's too small."

[Dinner, music, time, description of day.]

"That's what people say? 'Making the move'? Your day sounds like a Seinfeld episode."


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