April 22, 2005



Go buy this t-shirt, which is real pretty and somehow related to Jeff Chang's book (I don't know how) and is also $25, which is kind of wack, but it was purty enough to hook this magpie. And it has to do something with Jeff, which sort of makes everything better by transitive law.

Even though it is raining here in New York, we are going to get summer "started" with this Flacco remix of Aerial M's Wedding Song. Flacco is/was Tim Goldsworthy of D*A. The album it's from has a name like Global Music. Post-Global Music. I think. It makes me feel like I am drinking at a boutique hotel on expenses and reading an airport novel. But I am not doing any of that. I am at home, listening to "Blue Orchid" by The White Stripes and trying, with little success, to make out the lyrics. Oh, wait—the web. They'll know.

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