April 06, 2005



[Music: Brendan Benson's "Spit It Out"]

"Wait, let me guess, Dad. This is The Beatles?"

[I'm not feeling this album, but that is the keeper. Nice one!]

"No, it's a man named Brendan Benson."

"Oh. Then forget it."

[Time passes.]

Oxford Collapse. Man, I love this band. They are so EP; everything sounds like an EP I love: Chronic Town, Signals, Calls and Marches, the 1982 Nightingales EP. All jiggling legs and "Shit! this is cool!" plucking and picking and banging with the windows open, instead of hipster-closed. Go to the "sounds" buffalo icon and download some MP3s, especially from the first July 2002 EP. Please, also, hack into all publications and replace words like "LCD Soundsystem" and "Kaiser Chiefs" with "Oxford Collapse." I want to see them on Cribs.

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