May 27, 2005



This incredible New York weather is free, and so is "Galang," at iTunes, for now. (Track not co-produced by Diplo, though. This track was way pre-Diplo.)

Keith Harris points out another assed-out aspect of the copy-protected, chintzy advance scheme: "The one that really pissed me off was when Showtime was copy-protected. I mean, the ONLY reason anyone knew Dizzee in the U.S. was because of filesharing."

Testify, brah.

Interesting thread over at the equally free ILM on my EMP comments. Some solid objections to my schema (good comment far down about the difference between a collective black response to minstrelsy in 1830 and the same in 2005), but I want to make two points, one weak and one not: 1) This piece was designed to spur roundtable discussion (which I wasn't there for), not as a stand-alone essay (which is not a bid for a get-out-of-thinking card, just a frame); and 2) the biggest internet dud of all time is "This shit has been covered." Maybe for you and your three friends, but not for a whole lot of intelligent people who are busy thinking about other things. And—please put this on your refrigerator if you give a shit about these things–I am not writing for your three interfriends, nor will I ever. These ideas want to circulate in the big, bad bloodstream and will, I think, read as news to many people. Ned Sublette's infinitely superior paper on New Orleans is a perfect example—it would literally start fistifghts in public schools. Turn your computer off, get in a car, drive across the country and tell me, when you reach the opposite coast, what you think is and isn't "old news." Civil War isn't even over, for heck's sake. Ask David Banner.

As for Ui sucking, have you listened to Answers recently? Jesus, we wuz robbed. Put up the reunion and we'll take on any baby band of choice: name the time and place. We killed ourselves by not touring but Christ I love that record.

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