June 15, 2005



Apparently, I am somewhere in this NPR story, saying something about the Heartless Bastards. I have not heard it. I hope I do not sound like a herb. I also say something somewhere in the first fifteen minutes of this WFUV segment called "Let's Get Digital."

Emily Gordon sent this link to a "neon boneyard," which seems to be where old signs go to die.

I've been remiss in reporting recent street movements, which usually wouldn't be any kind of loss, but I should have told you about the readings given in the past few weeks by Tan Lin, Joshua Clover, Ange Mlinko (who also read a poem by Rachel Loden), and Tanya Larkin. (They did not all read at the same event). Big up to all of them—find and buy their work. I know that's not very specific. Lin read a great poem about the WD50 restaurant on Clinton.

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