June 27, 2005



Remember when I asked you what that “monster music” song was? Nobody knew, or if they did, they kept the mega advance info to themselves. DJ Enuff must have gotten the song the day it was recorded, and it isn’t a Dipset spin-off—it’s a Jae Millz song called “Street's Melting.” Not as great as it sounded being rewound and thrown from the roof on a Friday night, but still fiery. Mr. Millz needs to watch out for a "Jadakiss Jr" tag, though.

The super hot shit is “Now I Live (And Now My Life Is Done)” by Ben Sidran from the 1973 ABC/Blue Thumb album “Puttin' In Time On Planet Earth.” I got it at the Roosevelt Hotel in 1994. Sidran on vocals and “boinger,” Curley Cooke on that guitar (that guitar!) but then Phil Upchurch is listed on drums and Clyde Stubblefield is listed on bass, cabassa and conga. For the rest of the album, not surprisingly, these two play exactly the reverse positions, so I assume this is a typo, but I have to give the song the possibility of making this true: it is so uniquely watery and freaked that maybe they did switch up for this song. Nothing like it. (PS: Diamond D was two boxes away when I bought the Sidran [$50] and I thought maybe I'd have one of those “Thanks, Mean Joe,” moments, you know, when he acknowledged me, but no dice.)

Both unfuckwitable: the Field Mob & Ludacris tune, “Georgia,” and Twin Roots’s “Know Love.”

You might want to buy this comp, “I Love Baile Funk”. I can't stop listening to it. And it's not too long! (Turntable Lab has it, though it takes too long to find it. Why no search function, guys?)

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