July 08, 2005



I've heard from everyone—relatives, friends, peers, co-workers—but it's scarier the day after. The job of making someone safe in this world is too big.

Terrible segue, but the song is playing and opining seems blog-like: "Can't Stop," one of Missy's eleventh hour additions to The Cookbook, proves that even when she's spreading herself thin, she's no stupe. Producer RICH HARRISON (duh—that's what happens when you buy shit from iTunes) ACTS JUST LIKE HIMSELF and goes all "Crazy Missy Thing" with live drums, horns and hectic syncopation. It's fucking super good. "Click Clack" bites the other apple of the year: Houstonian drag and swerve and bleary bump. It's OK. (I think J Shep already pointed out some of this but I am too lazy to provide a link. Read Julianne's blog. Put a Post-It on your head.) Not making sense: the West Indian accent/failed robbery skit added to the beginning of "Joy." What the fuck is that? And what is Missy up to, saying "batty boy"? And does Maya say "Tim McVey"? Hard to imagine the folks at Elektra waving that Trojan Horse on. Rewound a few times but still can't make the words out. Please someone write something long and interesting about this. "Meltdown" = double tie-in with 50 Cent's candy shop and hs magic stick, plus "I'm not gay" beard track.

I will continue to let others do the lifting. Douglas Wolk writes: "I don't know if he actually rhymes it, but doesn't Kool Moe Dee's 'Let's Go' have 'lax' somewhere in its list of 'nasty adjectives that start with L'? (n.b. I didn't cheat by looking it up, so I may be wrong here.)"

I looked it up and Douglas is close—the word Kool Moe Dee uses is "lackluster." Boy, he showed LL Cool J!

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