July 27, 2005



Not you and your stupid fucking blog—I meant you and your stupid fucking blog. You know me better than that.

Thanks to Jeff Johnson for telling me about a new Lukasz Gottwald (my second favorite Swede!) production: "4ever," by The Veronicas, identical teeange twins from Australia.

And Robyn is back! And I am very late to this party! Months! She apparently has a song called "Konichiwa, Bitches," which should be the name of every comeback-back-back song. From now on. So shall it be done.

(UPDATE! What I've downloaded of the 2005 Robyn album sounds unexpectedly good; like an older, angrier Annie. She's hella mad at some dude/dudes. And if you need a song to go with the new stop & search culture, Dirty's "Git Cha Handz Off Me" is worth tracking down.)

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