July 26, 2005



(Months old, this reality.)

Christo is cool. We liked The Gates. Sam went three times. Look:


But if you want to do the wrapping thing, just get lice. Everyone in the house gets it, no matter what you do, and you have to sleep with moisturizer in your hair and shower caps on. (To suffocate the fuckers.) If this feels a little too, you know, private to be actual art, wait until you walk out of the house with the cap on your head. Go a block or two. Take note of the impression you make. Keep walking. Eventually, touch your head. Play it cool. Turn around, walk back home. To maintain the illusion of intentionality, talk on your cell phone.

See? No fund-raising, no bad press, no environmental impact beyond the plastic in the caps. Much easier, and a totally effective way to get your neighbors to stop talking to you.

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