August 15, 2005



Because I am full-on Le Nerd, I have spent actual, human time thinking about the fact that if Kanye and Gustav worked together, they could call their record "The Great Wejstes."

Maybe my brain was on "muuhh" because of this, which I haven't heard. But anything that a) starts with the premise that "rap is bad now"; and b) quotes Brian Wilson on anything other how to multi-track vocal harmonies, is not likely my cup of tea. (UPDATE: Snag on Mr. Closed-Minded! It's kinda good, better than the way-too-appropriately titled "The Grey Album.")

I don't want to say I told you so, but I told you so. Don't you think that if Fiona had wanted that puppy out there as is, she woulda been stage-diving, hair-pulling, billboard-renting, listerv-flaming, talkshow-ranting and Watergate-leaking her tiny and well-defined heart out? (UPDATE: Coolfer presents a more factuated told-you-so.) For future reference, to be laminated: Fiona, not CIA operative, not hiding her feelings.

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