September 27, 2005



If you think Kanye’s TV moment wasn’t brave, you’re simply overexposed to Kanye. Kanye came through with a balls-out No, an un-focus grouped cry that probably made somebody at Universal want to jump out of the window. Kanye is now the Internet meme of the year, maybe, his fifteen Warhol minutes time-stretched into a chopped and screwed loop of refusal and rejection. You can say the motherfucker is annoying and confused (I do), but you can’t say he isn’t major, not now. I think—perish the old-fashioned thought—the best thing about him is how uncalculated his good and bad ideas are.

Tying the tin cans of Bush’s racism to the getaway Caddy of Bush’s corporate wedding? Right on. Dipshits who wanna dismiss hip-hop as bloviation simply can see neither the fire nor the water.

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